Brussels Design September: in good shape

(© Davy Grosemans)

With over a hundred events organised in the city, Brussels Design September has become an annual meeting point for design lovers. There’s something for everybody, whether you’re out to discover new talent or watch the work of established names. From a big expo to a birthday party, here are a couple of suggestions.

The Power of Object(s) 
What is design? And what makes Belgian design stand out? When does a product become iconic? And how does it become a best-seller? MAD Brussels and ING Belgium joined forces for a brand-new exhibition, showcasing the work of 25 contemporary Belgian designers. Visitors get to see three objects per designer: their most iconic one, their most economically profitable one, and their best-seller. There will be furniture, household items, and fine examples of product design by amongst others Xavier Lust, Piet Stockmans, Nathalie Dewez and Maarten Van Severen. “The Power of Object(s)” is both about design and economical value. It also shows that a designer’s most famous creation isn’t necessarily the best-seller. But above all, it paints a clear picture of the flourishing Belgian design scene. A must-see.
4/9 > 11/1, Mo > Su 10 > 18.00 (We > 21.00), ING Art Centre, Koningsplein/place Royale, Brussel/Bruxelles, 02-547.22.92,

Queen of the Rings 
This year, Brussels jewellery maker Christa Reniers gets to celebrate 20 years of creation. Throughout her career, she’s moved a couple of times: from her (work)shop at the start of rue Dansaertstraat, to the end of the street near the canal.
And from there to a new shop at Grand Sablon. Whereas she used to work a lot with sterling silver before, she recently decided to focus on all things gold. Her creations never changed though, they are immaculate, timeless pieces. To mark the occasion, the designer picked twenty of her most iconic designs. They will be up on display at her shop. There will be a catalogue as well, especially edited for the event.
9 > 30/9, Tu > Sa 12.30 > 18.30, Su 13 > 17.00), Christa Reniers, rue Lebaustraat 61, Brussel/Bruxelles, 02-514.91.54,

CNBM Studio at För
För, the small but clever concept store located in the shadow of the Trinity church in Ixelles, is celebrating its first anniversary in September.
Besides its range of clothes and curiosities from Iceland, the shop is known for its regular exhibitions as well. For Design September, design studio CNBM will be showcasing some of its objects at the shop. The simple aesthetics of Brussels designer Carine Noti Bibi Mba match the vibe of the shop perfectly. How about that Wheat coat stand and the O’Cork cork clock? Stick around a bit longer and join the birthday party (free drinks!) at the shop, or if you fancy a night out, join the För team at Dillens Bar for more fun.
> 30/9, Mo & Tu 13 > 19.00, We > Sa 11 > 19.00, För, Afrikaansestraat 108 rue Africaine, Sint-Gillis/Saint-Gilles + 1 Year För: 12/9, 18 > 21.30, För, 21.30 > 2.30, Dillens Bar, place Julien Dillensplein, Sint-Gillis/Saint-Gilles,

Judge a book by its cover 
They say you can’t judge a book by looking at its cover. But the Fernand Baudin Prize does exactly that.
It’s an award for the most beautiful books: how they look and how they were made. Marvel at the editorial and the graphics and admire the printing and the binding of a selection of the most beautiful books of Brussels and Wallonia.
13 > 17/9, 18.00, w o l k e, Vaartstraat 45 rue du Canal, Brussel/Bruxelles, 0488-58.30.18 & 15 > 30/9, La Villa Hermosa, Lakensestraat 101 rue de Laeken, Brussel/Bruxelles,, Mo > Fr 11 > 18.00,

Crazy Polish Communist-Inspired Design 
This expo wants to trigger your curiosity, so we don’t want to give too much away. To be honest, most of us probably have no idea what to make of Polish design anyway.
(Carpet Cars © Agnieszka Czop)

That’s why the Polish Tourist Organisation and the city of Lødz (central Poland) teamed up with Brussels-based architecture company D44 for a crazy pop-up expo on different locations in the city, such as in a phone booth look-a-like on the square in front of the European Parliament.
9 > 30/9, 24/24, Oude Graanmarkt/rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains, Maria-Louizasquare 2 square Marie-Louise, Solidariteitsplein/place de Solidarité, Brussel/Bruxelles,

A perfectly decorated House 
Design September is the perfect opportunity to go places you normally wouldn’t visit.
(© Eric Adam)

If you’re curious to see what design can do to the interior of your house or if you’ve always wanted to visit a perfectly decorated house and garden...ring the doorbell at rue Franz Merjaystraat 190. The owners of the house specialise in decorating, have a marvellous selection of design items and a special expo for Design September, featuring the work of Belgian designers such as photographer Bernard André and painter and sculptor Clotilde Ancarani.
9 > 30/9, Th > Sa 14 > 20.00, More Than A House, rue Franz Merjaystraat 190, Elsene/Ixelles, 0471-76.72.65,

BRUSSELS DESIGN SEPTEMBER • > 30/9, verschillende locaties/divers lieux/various locations, info point: Pimpinelle, Vlaamsesteenweg 57 rue de Flandre, Brussel/Bruxelles,

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