La K-Fête: dishes made with love

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| La K-Fête: dishes made with love in the recently renovated former train station of Laken/Laeken.
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La K-Fête, a project driven by the values of the social and solidarity economy, has taken on a second space: the old Laken/Laeken train station. This restaurant is on the right track.

La K-Fête has carved out a great reputation for itself in Laken/Laeken. That is because the initiative, launched by the non-profit organisation Chôm'Hier, which has been providing socio-professional integration training since 1984, is all about community and care, something our society is in dire need of. For a few years, those values have been taking shape at Fransmanstraat/rue Fransman 131 in a very reasonably priced restaurant that helps people to get a foot on the ladder for a career in the hospitality sector. The place does three-course meals for just €10. Far from cut-rate cuisine, customers can savour something you can't find everywhere: dishes made with love.

It was probably that shining reputation that led the Maison de la Création to invite the organisation to manage the restaurant section of the recently renovated former Laken/Laeken station. The place is instantly striking. The building is magnificent, featuring a terrasse that opens onto the Annie Cordy Park. From it, the view of a splendid chestnut tree upstages even the Onze-Lieve-­Vrouwekerk van Laken/Eglise Notre-Dame de Laeken. When it is raining, you only need to go through to the other side of the building to a stunning space with large windows that overlooks the railway tracks.

In a very modern approach, they have kept the food simple. The selection includes sandwiches (from €3 to €4), soup of the day (€3.50) served with bread and butter, and quiche, the ingredients of which change depending on availability (€6), as well as more original options, such as pulled pork baos (3 for €4) and poke bowls (marinated raw salmon, chicken, or vegetarian) for prices ranging between €9 and €12.

We tried the quorn version for €10. It was a generous serving containing pickled ginger, avocado, mango, and soybeans. We loved the sticky texture of the rice drizzled with soy sauce. The best touch was the addition of lacto-fermented onions, which gave some pep to the dish.

To top it off, the staff are very friendly, the beers are top-quality (la Biolégère by Dupont for €2), and they do an excellent “moelleux au chocolat” (chocolate fondant) for €3 that demonstrates the expertise that La K-Fête represents.

Kerkeveldstraat 2 rue du Champ de l’Église, Laken/Laeken, Facebook: laKfeterestaurant,
ma/lu/Mo > vr/ve/Fr 11 > 15.00

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