Roselyne: tearoom with a modern touch

© Saskia Vanderstichele
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Underrepresented in Brussels, the tearoom has a potential allure that is not to be underestimated. Roselyne is the proof: a place of precision and finesse.

A tearoom that is in keeping with the modern era is a fabulous concept that is, unfortunately, rarely brought to fruition. Lauren Vander Linden, however, has taken the plunge. After taking classes at Lenôtre (Paris), spending some time working at Callier (Ukkel/Uccle), and travelling in Asia for inspiration, the young woman moved to Elsene/Ixelles to open a delightful local spot.

The space, which is also used for exhibitions, contains three birch trees, indicating a wholesome connection with nature. The crystal chandeliers, leather seats, and beautiful wooden tables create an atmosphere that puts you at ease.

We paid it a visit one Sunday morning, a good time to get a feel for the place. You can sip an excellent hot chocolate (€4), a non-alcoholic sparkling iced tea (€7), or a superb wine such as Pu Ehr (€8.50). As for the snacks, while awaiting the brunch, which is coming soon, you can enjoy homemade soup (€7), seasonal quiche (€7), or open sandwiches (€7). Of course, it was the baked goods that we were interested in trying. We were blown away by their precision (the sugar is perfectly balanced, a tell-tale sign) and finesse. First, we were astounded by a savoury treat: a cheddar scone (€6). It was served with a creamy curry sauce and a sort of pear and cardamom chutney. Original, inspired, and extremely delicious.

Next, the chocolate fondant (€4) further convinced us that this place has a promising future. Not just because of the beautiful contrast between the crisp exterior and the ultra-soft middle, but thanks to a secret weapon: a tonka bean coating that subtly accentuated the chocolate. There was also the carrot cake (€4.50): a generous portion, perfectly punctuated with notes of cinnamon. The crowning achievement, however, is the chocolate eclair (€5). It resembles a rocher or an oversized coated choux bun. The cream filling, lightly vanilla-flavoured, is like a cloud in your mouth, rather than being too heavy on the flour, as is often the case. Light and sublimely delicious, this delicate balancing act is a clear mark of talent.

rue Darwinstraat 35, Elsene/Ixelles, 02-375.14.49
wo/me/We > vr/ve/Fr 8 >18.00, za/sa/Sa & zo/di/Su 9 > 18.00

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