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| Poisson­nerie Kamo with its mouth-­watering sea food counter.
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A little clump of rice topped with a layer of fish, sushi is probably the most hackneyed Japanese dish in the world. The Kamo fish shop is restoring honour to it in Brussels.

Sushi was the dish that we missed the most during the first lockdown. Needless to say, as soon as restaurants reopened, we booked ourselves a table so we could enjoy a first-class feast of raw fish. Although, to begin with, we tolerated the mass-produced version of this Japanese speciality, it is now impossible for us to swallow a single one of those sticky cubes.

The good news for the second lockdown is that, this time, you will not have to wait for it to end to be able to enjoy a quality selection of sushi. That's because, in the meantime, the chef Tomoyasu Kamo has opened a fish shop whose approach is on a par with the Michelin­-star restaurant that he opened on the same street.

The small place consists of two adjoining rooms, but it has a mouth-­watering sea food counter, sourced for the most part from around Brittany. The selection includes a few deli-style dishes, such as excellent chicken or prawn gyozas (€2 each). If there is no sushi on display, you can still order a tray of sushi, which varies depending on the catch and the seasons, to be collected at a precise time (for maximum freshness, it is best to arrange collection between 6.30 pm and 7 pm). A tray of sushi or sashimi costs €27.

Take note, however, if you are the type that wolfs your food down, you would be much better off somewhere else where you can get more for less. If, on the other hand, you are looking for an experience you can really savour, don't hesitate for a second.

The selection that we enjoyed as a family consisted of eight sushi in the strict sense and three salmon maki. It featured several different cuts of red tuna caught in Corsica (including the famous “otoro”, which is fattier), sea bream, salmon, cod, and very lightly seared scallop. The sushi contains a modest amount of rice, which is only there to provide a mild contrast to offset the complex textures of the fish.

We were unable to confirm it, but we suspect that an “ikejime” method had been used, which reduces the stress and pain for the fish in order to preserve its flesh. We were also thrilled to find that you can buy a bottle of Domaine Chevrot Sakura rosé (€16.50), a pinot noir from Burgundy with notes of mint and liquorice.

chaussée de Waterloosesteenweg 587, Elsene/Ixelles, 02-420.09.30,
wo/me/We > za/sa/Sa 10 > 19.00, zo/di/Su 10 > 14.00


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