Film: Jack Reacher: Never go back

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Jack Reacher is Mission: Impossible minus the trip around the world, the death-defying stunts, the pyrotechnical spectacle, the tension, the bravura, and the stylistic ambition.

So what’s left? Well, a 1.72-metre tall film star with a toothpaste smile who no longer has the charisma to compensate for a shoddy product. But now we’re sneering at Tom Cruise while he is actually only doing his best to return to the role of an ex-soldier who hitchhikes across America and prefers to fight villains all by himself.

The fact that this action thriller might put you to sleep is more the responsibility of the screenwriters who walk well-trodden paths and have no idea what to do with bestselling author Lee Child’s grouchy hero. Director Edward Zwick (Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai) has made this film so routine and uninspired that you start wondering how it is any different from an episode of an action series on television. 

> US, 2016, dir: Edward Zwick, act: Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders, Danika Yarosh, 117 min
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