The new films we recommend this week

An eye-catching tribute by Guillermo Del Torro to the circus, an acclaimed German documentary about an inspired teacher and a special program about Scandinavian cinema: these are the films we recommend this week.

FILM OF THE WEEK/ Nightmare Alley ***

1783 Nightmare alley

Hooray, Guillermo del Toro has recovered from the triumph of The Shape of Water. His Nightmare Alley is a pitch-black parable about an unmerciful charlatan, ­in dazzling settings. Read more

TIP/ L’empire du silence ***


De Belg Thierry Michel had zich voorgenomen om geen documentaires meer over Congo te draaien na internationaal gewaardeerde films als Mobutu, roi du Zaïre, Congo river of Katanga business. Lees meer

TIP/ Herr Bachmann und seine Klasse ***


On peut tou.te.s citer un.e prof qui a marqué nos études secondaires. Dans Herr Bachmann und seine Klasse, Maria Speth suit la dernière année de Dieter Bachmann, prof soixantenaire au T-shirt AC/DC. Lire plus

TIP/ Sun Children **


The director with a social conscience Majid Majidi has been making Iranian films (Children of heaven, Baran) for over twenty years. Read more

FESTIVAL/ Polarise Nordic Film Nights

1783 Riders of justice
Riders of justice

Il ne va pas neiger, mais sortez quand même votre pull nordique le plus moche. Les Polarise Nordic Film Nights débarquent à Bruxelles. Lire plus

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