Last edition of festival Burning Ice in Kaaitheater

© Tuna Limposujo

In December, the Kaaitheater is organising Burning Ice for the tenth and final time. The festival presents artistic work on ecological themes. So much of this work is being created over the past few years that it cannot be contained in one festival programme.

That is why the dance production The Clean and the Dirty by the Portuguese choreographer Vera Mantero might be considered as a preview of the rest of the festival. Mantero is a big name in the Portuguese and international dance world, but over the last few years her work has evolved to the small-scale and sustainable. In The Clean and the Dirty, she performs onstage with two other dancers in a production that revolves entirely around dance and movement.

Based on the fact that life is not clean, and that the acceptance of that fact is the best way to make life cleaner, the dancers perform movements that make us dirty and actions that make us clean. This is not only to be taken literally, but also figuratively. "Dealing with the materials of which the world is made! That is one of the ways to describe what we do in art. Dealing with objects, images, words, movements, intensities, space, time, desires, shudders, ghosts… It makes us dirty and it cleans us." 

> The Clean and the Dirty, 23 & 24/11, 20.30, Kaaitheater, Brussels

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