The Bulletin radio show on Bruzz: 11 December

Listen back to the reports and interviews from The Bulletin's Sunday lunchtime show on 98.8FM in Brussels

Be Film Festival
The film festival that's so nice it opens twice. If it's the last ten days of the year it's time for the Be Film Festival, the round up of the best Belgian films of the year plus a few sneak previews to spice things up. A total of 40 shorts and full feature films will be screened at the Cinematek or in Bozar auditoria from the 22nd to the 30th of December. And special this year, the Festival opens twice. Céline Masset, one of the festival organisers explains more. A sneak preview is the film Low Notes, the first feature film by Belgian director Laurier Fourniau, which is entirely in English as it takes place in Los Angeles; a twisted "finding oneself" tale. New this year, the festival is offering holiday packages which include two nights at a four-star hotel, spa sessions, full access pass, VIP screenings and dinner for two at the Be Bar, the festival's heart where one can eat, drink, dance and talk.

Brussels Cultural Guide 2017
Guy de Bellefroid, Director of the Foundation for the Arts in Brussels tells us why they print a Brussels Cultural Guide even though all the events are listed on their website The book is available in all better bookstores as well as at the tourist office on the Grand' Place and in the BIP Building on Place Royale. Or it can be ordered by sending an email to

Flanders Today Christmas gift guide
Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the Flanders Today holiday gift guide. Every year, journalists scour the little stores of Brussels and Flanders for unusual and special presents. Editor-in-chief Lisa Bradshaw tales us through some of this year's finds.

Sabena exhibition at the Atomium
Founded in 1923 under the acronym Société Anonyme Belge d'Exploitation de la Navigation Aérienne. SABENA was the third oldest airline of the world. A new exhibition in the Atomium covers the airline from the beginning in the airport at Haren to the abrupt ending in 2001 with its development on four continents including a preeminent position in Africa and its extensive regional helicopter network in Europe. Culled meticulously from private and public collections are a great variety of original objects, several scale airplane models, uniforms, posters, photos, movies and some gadgets that immerse the visitor in the engaging 78 years of history. Special attention is paid to the leading players in this adventure, the over 10,000 employees who called themselves the Sabéniens, showing their commitment to the company. At the exhibit opening Richard Harris heard from some of these Sabéniens as they recounted the strong bonds they forged working for the airline when the S on the tail meant not only SABENA but also Service and Style.

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