The Bulletin radio show on Bruzz: 16 July

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Europe in Brussels: Belgium
21 July is Belgium's national day, generally celebrated with a Catholic Te Deum service, a parade near the palace and, of course, fireworks and beer. While this nationality is by chance of birth for some, for others it is a choice. According to an immigration survey, three out of four foreigners who settle in Belgium ultimately obtain Belgian nationality. Barbaros Corekoglu is a Turk-turned-Belgian. He says he's proud of his new nationality.

Learning more about Belgium
Would you like to learn more about Belgium and its rich history? The Belgian Academy of Culture and History organises classes at Muntpunt in Brussels. Historian Mirella Marini believes that by enhancing our historical knowledge of the country we call home, we can improve our cultural well-being.

The future of education
Visionary educator Dr Stephen Spurr is an expert in emerging trends in the international education sector, focusing on the skills and knowledge needed to prepare students for future challenges. He is group education director at Inspired Education Group and a former headmaster at Westminster School in the UK.

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