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Legendary artist Christo in Brussels
Christo was in Brussels recently to attend the opening of the ING Art Center's retrospective of the Urban Projects of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. He spoke with Richard Harris about what is was like to be stateless for 17 years, why he settled in NYC, what his work has brought him, what the 58 World's Fair in Brussels meant for him and why he listens to Mozart when he works.

Hispania restaurant
Located in the City of London in an old bank building, Hispania is the largest restaurant dedicated to the cuisines of Spain in the world. And now, it has opened a second restaurant in Brussels in the Sablon. London head chef Marco Moràn will be in Brussels for the next few months at the helm in Brussels. He tells us what to expect.

Hop art exhibition for children
There’s a new exhibition at the Ixelles Museum aimed specifically towards children between 6 and 12 years old. It’s co-produced with the non-profit Patrimoine à Roulettes (Heritage on Wheels), is entitled Hop! and aims to teach art appreciation through movement. The paintings are hung 1,20 meters from the ground to give children a perfect view. The art pieces are paired with each pair representing a movement. Then there is Hop! Lab on Sunday afternoons. This is a long white room with one wall divided into three screens. The children listen, watch and dance, from whirling like a dervish to making nonsense sounds to frenetic freestyle dancing. Yves the coordinator tells us about it. Until 4 February.

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