SuperVliegSuperMouche... that's SuperFly

There can never be too many open-air activities for city kids and so this year, the free festival SuperVliegSuperMouche (“SuperFly”) is transforming a one-day event into a complete party weekend in the idyllic context of Park van Vorst/Parc de Forest.

Thirty local schools, neighbourhood associations, and arts centres have put together a multidisciplinary programme brimming with theatre, dance, music, and interactive art installations – forty acts in all. We’re following our nose to the cowpat lottery “Schijt je rijk/Lotto Bouse”, fastening our seatbelts for the acrobatic rollercoaster Esquerdes, and are limbering up for the Atelier Quartier by Seppe Baeyens of dance company Ultima Vez. If you can’t find us shaking in legwarmers and sweat bands, we’ll be tucking in at one of the numerous, appetizing organic food bars!

SuperVliegSuperMouche 9 & 10/6, Park van Vorst/Parc de Forest

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