Tom of Finland

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It is more than likely that at some point or another, you have seen homo-erotic drawings of macho bikers, virile labourers, soldiers who love leather and truncheons, cops with moustaches that would make Freddie Mercury green with envy, or sailors with erections to rival the Eiffel Tower. It is more than likely that they were drawn by Touko Laaksonen (1920-1991), a Fin who was given the nickname Tom of Finland when he moved to America.

A Pink Screens-approved biopic illustrates his life story: from the period during which Laaksonen has to keep his talent and homosexuality secret in an intolerant Finland to the revelation that in California, the sun does shine on homosexuals who manifest their orientation proudly and look the way he fantasized that they did.

The film is well-made, but to our tastes, slightly too nice, tame, and polished. We do not mean to advocate more provocative sex, but for a slightly less bookish and detailed approach. Fortunately, lead actor Pekka Strang does not have much trouble holding your attention, and his character is deserving of your interest.

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