Trials of Money and The Art of Financial Hacking at Kaaitheater: people vs. money

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The Kaaitheater is presenting a kind of double bill about money.

To start with, artist-in-residence Christophe Meierhans is bringing the money that rules the world to justice in a courtroom. The audience is called on to act as the jury and to judge whether the indictment is true: money is at the root of global warming, world hunger, armed conflict, and the depletion of natural resources.

Later, the Kaaitheater is hosting two more people who would make good witnesses for such a trial. The Italian artist Paolo Cirio and the British financial journalist Brett Scott will guide you through the world of global finance in a funny and subversive talk about financial art, hacking, and activism.

> Trials of Money. 18 & 19/4, 19.00, Kaaistudio’s
> The Art of Financial Hacking. 18/4, 17.00, Kaaistudio’s

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