Needle and thread

It has been a few years since a generation of kids ripped the knitting needles out of their grandmas’ hands, sensing a selfie hype in the nervous fiddling with multicoloured threads.

The result was unusually prickly adventures on busy metros and ugly jumpers for Christmas. Seven Belgian and French artists – Cécile Jarsaillon, Deborah Lothe, Dorothée Van Biesen, Lucile Gautier, Mathilde Coq, Olga Mathey, and Tatiana Bohm – are now taking the terror of textiles to the next level at Sterput by ripping the knitting needles out of the hands of that pale generation of youngsters and creating stories about real and raw life (sex! violence! love! war!) that are perfectly suited to the recesses of Galerie E2.

TEXTILES 5/7 > 11/8, Sterput

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