Prix Médiatine: the next movers and shakers of the art world

João Freitas

Every year, a group of talented artists compete for the Prix Médiatine and related prizes. The fact that these awards are a measure of who will become movers and shakers is evident from the series of previous winners, including Léa Belooussovitch, Younes Baba-Ali, VOID, and Emmanuel Van der Auwera.

This year, the greatest honour is being bestowed on João Freitas. The Brussels-based artist with Portuguese roots won the Young Talent Prize from Art on Paper in 2015 for his ephemeral, poetic, and refreshing paper art.

His works are now being featured at an exhibition where also Julie Deutsch, Anna Raimondo, and Lucie Lanzini are showing their work.

> Prix Médiatine Group Show. 2018 > 25/3, La Médiatine

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