'Alita: Battle Angel': more punch than the average superhero movie

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The adaptation of a cyberpunk manga by Yukito Kishiro was a twenty-year passion project for James Cameron. The incredibly successful director of The Terminator and Titanic wrote a script, raised an enormous budget, and developed the necessary technology, but he ultimately decided to leave the directing to Robert Rodriguez, best-known for Machete and Spy Kids.

Alita: Battle Angel is not of the quality that we would otherwise expect of Cameron, but Rodriguez does serve exciting action with much more punch than the average superhero movie and with a much more likeable protagonist.

In a post-apocalyptic metropolis, a doctor uses pre-war technology to reanimate a cyborg. Alita is a very sweet adolescent who gradually discovers that she is also an amazing fighter. The episodic plot contains a number of implausibilities and the dialogues repeatedly have to clarify what is going on. Older viewers are not the primary target audience. But is this an entertaining film? Ohyalita!

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