Film: Clash

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Two years after the Egyptian Revolution that brought an end to the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak, Cairo was thrown into chaos again. Capitalising on a popular uprising, the army deposed Mohamed Morsi, the president and figurehead of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Clash takes place almost entirely in a big police van that the police fill up during the unrest. The prisoners include revolutionaries but also those sympathetic to and radical followers of the Brotherhood.

A Western journalist is not the most pleasant person in the bunch. Women make the best turn. A completely veiled woman destroys the idea that completely veiled women cannot think for themselves. When the situation outside escalates dramatically, it forces the imprisoned enemies to cooperate, more or less.

Although the concept and the script are sometimes a touch artificial, director Mohamed Diab manages to bring tremendous tension, intensity, and drama to this film. This allegory packs a big punch.

> Clash. EG, 2016, dir.: Mohamed Diab, act.: Mai El Ghaity, Nelly Karim, 97 min. Aventure, Vendôme

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