'Long Shot': undemanding feelgood movie

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The romcom has seen better days and Long Shot will certainly not herald the survival, but don’t hesitate to see this if you want to relax for two hours with an undemanding feelgood movie with plenty of humour and romance.

The plot is remarkably thin and despite the political setting, you can expect little to no fighting political humour. An idealistic and hard-working Secretary of State sees her chance for a shot at the presidency when the completely incompetent president of the United States sets his sights on a more prestigious job: film star. To make a more sympathetic impression, she asks a rather vulgar, unemployed but idealistic journalist to become her speechwriter.

A romantic relationship is completely unlikely, but in romcoms unlikely is a synonym for highly likely. And so Seth Rogen ends up in bed with Charlize Theron. The all-rounder Theron is not a natural comic talent, but she effortlessly stands her ground in this register. Twelve years after Knocked Up, Rogen is still playing exactly the same character: the stoner who still manages to get all the beautiful girls he meets.

Fortu­nately, many of his jokes do precisely what they are supposed to do: make you laugh, even if only briefly. You get the rehabilitation of the Roxette hit “It must have been love” thrown in for free.

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