Blend in with Sonya Lindfors

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| Sonya Lindfors: Cosmic Latte

Look it up: in 2002, a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University – who had nothing better to do – discovered that the average colour of the universe is a beigeish white, and not the greenish white that had been proposed a year earlier. The shade of the universe was dubbed Cosmic Latte.

Finnish choreographer Sonya Lindfors is also bathing her utopian and afro-futuristic dance production of the same name in a beige light.

It is a foretaste of the time in which white, black, brown, and beige will blend together as harmoniously as the music of Bach and Sun Ra.

The future is afro!

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Sonya Lindfors: Cosmic Latte 5 & 6/4, 20.30, Beursschouwburg

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