Resto: La Cevicheria

© Saskia Vanderstichele
Onze score

King Kong is no longer the only place in town for Peruvian cuisine.

La Cevicheria, which was launched successfully in Paris, focuses mainly on ceviche and tiradito, both made with raw fish. It has fun with the genre, reinventing it, but with mixed results. Following a plate of guacamole and tortillas (€8) served so cold we couldn’t taste it, three dishes showed talent: tuna and ginger tiradito (€15), octopus with Kalamata olives (€16), and another tiradito, with kaffir lime (€16). Each was perfectly fresh, wowing our taste buds.

Sadly, at every turn, our enjoyment was limited by some glaring and overpriced blunder – and over-hurried service.

ma/lu/Mo > za/sa/Sa: 12.00 > 15.00 & 19.00 > 23.00

02 203 47 59
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