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To be beautiful, you have to moisturize. And according to the Frenchwoman Océane Taquoi, the best way is with natural and ecological products. She opened her shop, Labelchic, in October.

The shop is a powder compact Walhalla for fans of natural beauty and skincare products. Living by the motto ‘never put anything on your face that you can’t eat’, Taquoi hunts down little niche brands from across the world, from organic shampoo from the US to natural soap from Lebanon.

So much unknown natural beauty can be quite intimidating to the beauty product novice, but Taquoi will warm your cold feet immediately. “Of course I like discussing these products with clients who are familiar with the world,” she says. “But nothing is so enjoyable as introducing new people to this universe.”

She asks customers about their regular routines and suggests products based on their answers. She lets all her customers try out every balm, oil, and mousse. Granted, the prices are on the high side – for example, a deodorant by the hip Brooklyn-based brand Soapwalla sets you back 18 euro – but the products are all of exceptional quality.

“The quality, the expertise, and the artisanship of the brands explain the price,” Taquoi says, who sends every customer home with a few testers. “This way, the customers can be sure that they like the products and the texture.” A real boon.

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