Beck in the AB, that's like WOW!

Since David Bowie passed away, Beck Hansen has taken over as the so-called “chameleon of pop”. It is indisputable that the 47-year-old Californian enjoys exploring the extremes of his creative spectrum.

By turns the imaginary grandson of folk blues singer Mississippi John Hurt and a postmodern eclectic, a conductor of immersive, orchestral pop, or a horny satyr of funk. Currently he is indulging in Big Happy Pop Songs, with bright colours, radio-ready hooks, and thick hip-hop beats. On recordings, this does not make for the most exciting Beck, as we learned on his last studio album Colors, but we still haven’t recovered from his live show at Vorst Nationaal/Forest National in 2014. So the fact that he’s stopping over at the AB for two days, in his own words, “it’s like right now, it’s like wow!”

Beck, 5 & 6/6, Ancienne Belgique

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