Jaws in concert

Flagey loves Steven Spielberg and his regular composer John Williams, and we can only applaud their devotion. Last year, the famous duo opened the new season with three sold-out screenings of E.T. with a live accompanying performance of the soundtrack. This year, the winning team is being showcased during Jaws in Concert.

The ultimate shark film made in 1975 may appear rather tame by contemporary standards, but more than forty years after its first release, Spielberg’s mastery of suspense and actor direction is still uncontestably brilliant.

And what about its world-famous soundtrack: doesn’t it consist merely of two endlessly repeated notes on a tuba? The complete Brussels Philharmonic conducted by Dirk Brossé will demonstrate to you why Williams absolutely deserved his Oscar.

JAWS IN CONCERT 21 > 23/9, Flagey

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