Balls & Glory

(© Hugard & Vanoverschelde Photography)

For the exhibition “Balls & Glory”, the team at Rodolphe Janssen Gallery spent a year and a half visiting fifty studios across the country. The result of this talent scout is now being presented in an exhibition of work by nine artists that extends across both the spaces in the gallery. There is a lot of rock ‘n’ roll in these (mostly) young artists’ work, like the risqué drawings by Klaas Vanhee, who has also designed several guitars. With his youthful enthusiasm, Kasper De Vos has created a sandwich bar with attributes made of painted and intentionally clumsily constructed polyurethane and plastic sculptures, as though pop art artist Claes Oldenburg and his The Store – an installation of painted sculptures of all kinds of food – never existed. There is also something infectious about De Vos’s table made of sandwiches – ham and cheese to be precise – and a chair shaped like a Dutch cheese with baguette legs. Alejandra Hernández, on the other hand, is presenting a series of portraits of friends and celebrities in intentionally flat perspective. Sanam Khatibi (photo) also has a fine sample of paintings. She depicts her own universe in which the flat perspective of Flemish tapestries is immersed in exoticism and in which the tension between lusts and phobias is intensified to breaking point. In one of the paintings we see naked women in the water fighting with snakes, octopuses, and other creatures with Freudian connotations. This is definitely ballsy art. 

> 13/2, Galerie Rodolphe Janssen,

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