Every month DIANE will bring a talk show. Like Late Night.
Guests from music and creative media industries.

No artists. Only curating the crew around them.
The barely noticed group of people who are ensuring the artists or projects shine the most.

Think sound & light engineers, roadies, stage hands, graphic designers, VFX designers, animators, photographers, managers, press, PR and promoters.
No topics will be left untouched.

50% will be music. Music the guest has been involved in making happen or simply likes listening to.
It will be a full immersion in the guest's universe.

DIANE wants to improve the way we see the creative process nowadays by emphasizing the importance of the many factors and people involved. Working herself both in the shadows as a sound engineer and broadcast IT'er and in the public eye as a DJ and organizer, she will talk about things she sees. This talk show will be your portal to the not so obvious.




Foto: Ivo Nelis