Diane Curates

This summer Diana Davidova will be taking you along her journey of music discovery, every Sunday from 19h-20h on BRUZZ.

Diana is a Brussels based sound engineer, dj and event curator who has a never ending curiosity for new talent and music. Already as a child, she realized the emotional positive impact of music on people. And that was when she knew, music would be her full time profession one day. So it's no surprise she ended up working and enjoying full days at a studio surrounded by musicians and gear. 

Her constant search and curiosity in music results in a library which can be called extremely eclectic. She is always feeling the crowd's energy for that perfect soundtrack.
Her taste expands from early 90's Russian music to French classic hip hop which she grew up with. From pioneering early dubstep jams to jazz. But also funk, afro house, disco, Motown Music, future instrumental bass, lo-fi, hard hitting house and basically every unique genre coming from UK like garage and grime. 

DIANE curates is a radio show and event concept that promotes local Belgian talent with regular events in Brussels. 

Tune in, open your mind and be surprised you like new genres you didn't even know existed!







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