Rebel is a non-profit feminist platform that raises awareness around the place and safety of women and other minorities in the Brussels musical scene. We want to make clubbing safer and more empowering for women.

We are a group of four enthusiastic people, coming from various backgrounds. It has sprouted from a mutual understanding and appreciation of feminism and electronic music. We think collectives are an empowering force. We see ourselves as an initiative that recognises the existence of a structural problem of women's invisibility and combats this state of things. We want to help women and other gender minorities gain visibility on the electronic music scene. Because they are there, but less visible.

In September, we hosted a talk for Nuits Sonores x Queer Future Club, at LaVallée in Brussels. We spoke about the evolution of queer communities and the danger of mainstreamisation. We also organized our first party on the 22nd of October at La Cabane, with Bibi Seck, Bona Léa and zouzibabe playing. Despite the desire to make it as inclusive as possible, the problems we mentioned above did not instantly disappear. We realized our endeavour would be a long one given how rooted certain habits are within partygoers. We then broadcast the documentary “Sisters with transistors” with Psst Mlle, Empreintes and C12 and had a meet and greet with Laryssa Kim and Azo at Kinograph.

We will broadcast every 2 weeks from 21-22 every Friday evening ! We’ll be hosting a different artist or collective during each show. What to expect? 60 minutes-mixes by some of our favorite Belgian DJs 💝

From disco to upbeat tempo, hip hop, techno… and everything in between 🙃, you’ll get filled with good vibrations. And as usual, we’ll celebrate diversity by welcoming a woman or non-binary DJ. rebel’s purpose is to improve visibility of women and other minorities in the Brussels electronic music scene and nightlife. let’s keep making the music scene safer and more empowering to women and other gender minorities!

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