Faust: A tin of Sauerkraut

© Jan Lankisch
| Faust, a vital part of the genesis of krautrock

Faust never made the same impact as Neu! or Can, but that didn’t make them any less part of the genesis of krautrock.

Their untitled 1971 debut was a spun-out patchwork of industrial noise, hypnotic grooves, and weird and wonderful collages. Its follow-up Faust So Far, which came wrapped in a jet-black cover, already contained some “songs”.

The band were among the very first acts to be signed to Virgin Records, but were dumped again just as quickly. They split in 1975, but Faust re-emerged three decades later.

On Fresh Air, which was released two years ago, the band still sounds just as radical as a tin of sauerkraut on an empty stomach.

> Faust
11th September, 19.00, Atelier 210

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