EXPO: Roeland Tweelinckx: Duplicates

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As soon as you walk into Feizi Gallery, you run into two big, red beams, almost woven into each other. It turns out that the beams are not made of solid steel – as you would expect – but painted wood. It is a work by Roeland Tweelinckx, an artist who often manipulates materials and bends the laws of gravity.

In the past, he has made extremely heavy pillars float, lifted a wall up with only a peg, or managed to knot a piece of PVC piping.

He creates a type of minimalist art that looks like it might have been handled by John Massis or David Copperfield. Elsewhere in the gallery, he has jammed a white board between a surface and the ceiling, distorting the light. It is made of plastic, and not of porcelain as you would think at a cursory glance.

Tweelinckx prefers light, domestic interventions. In one of the walls of the gallery, there is a whole series of electrical sockets above and beside each other. Is there one real socket to which he has added numerous fake ones? Or are they all fake? The artist likes to test our powers of perception. What to make, for example, of the pillar in the cellar? Under the ceiling, there was a peculiar volume in the corner under which the artist built a fake pillar. Tweelinckx often starts from existing architectural anomalies that he then exploits. In the best cases, this evokes an agony of doubt. In the worst cases, it is a cheap trick.

Roeland Tweelinckx: Duplicates, > 23/7, Feizi Gallery

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