Framed: Lara Gasparotto

Lara Gasparotto’s work invites viewers to descend into the early dawn, where the first light coyly chases shadows, exposes voluptuous moments, and reveals the raw remnants of the night. The limited format of her photos encourages you to dive cautiously into a world of rumour and unburdening. Her photographic statements, in colour or black and white, are rhythmic, as though they were released on the world like pulsations, but also exceptionally tactile, by turns sharp and soft as velvet.

About Lara Gasparotto

Lara Gasparotto (Liège, 1989) has exhibited nationally and internationally, and has published three monographs: Sleepwalk (Yellow Now), Rivages (Lannoo), and Ask the Dusk (Ludion). She is represented by Galerie Stieglitz19.


In the Framed series, a different Brussels-based photographer captures the city in four photographs every month.
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