The Bulletin radio show on Bruzz: 15 May

Listen back to the reports and interviews from The Bulletin's Sunday lunchtime show on Bruzz

Ghost Sheep improv group
The American Theater Company here in Brussels has an "improv" theatre troupe. They're called the Ghost Sheep - and their task is to make comedy gold on stage, on the spot, without a script. It requires a quick mind and audience suggestions. Kelly Agathos explains improvisation and its impact beyond the laughs.

Brussels Sports Association
The international language is… sport. We visit the Brussels Sports Association - which introduces kids of all nationalities to sports you might not learn in a Belgian school -- like baseball and lacrosse. It's a way for children and their parents to mix with other cultures. And it seems sport is a great way of bridging language divides.

Flanders Today: 15 May
The latest stories from around Flanders, including an album recorded in a church and new research on burnout. Flanders Today editor-in-chief Lisa Bradshaw has the details.

Opportunities for investing in uncertain times
Disappointed with savings interest rates? The Fry Group is putting on a free investment seminar at the Thon Hotel EU on 19 May. Pauline Curran explains more...

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