Party Tip: KULT.

(Awanto 3)

Last summer, a new party concept was born in Bazaar, the club located right at the heart of the Marolles district. KULT. is the name and it appears sporadically whenever the time is ripe. Almost half a year after the first edition featuring German house DJ Oskar Offermann, a sequel has finally been announced. The guest this Friday is Awanto 3. Pinning this Dutchman who grew up in Belgium solely to his DJ activities is probably dangerous. Steven de Peven was trained in many art forms, but music was always clearly the most prominent. That started years ago under the stage name Rednose Distrikt – a collaboration with Kid Sublime and later also Aardvarck. He also pursues the side project Alfabet with the Dutch house hero Tom Trago. In 2010, he started operating under the pseudonym Awanto 3, which has since resulted in releases on prominent record labels like Dekmantel (well known for the festival of the same name) and Rush Hour. Last year, following numerous singles and EPs, he also released his own album, Opel Mantra. In the Netherlands, he performs at the hip parties by Trouw, Arcade, and Paradiso, and we are overjoyed that he is now coming to Brussels. He is being accompanied by Brussels-based talent Handless DJ (Beyond, High Needs Low), The Lizzies (DJ set), and Lee Davon (Umlaut, B-eats).

KULT. 16/1, 23.00, €5/10, Bazaar, Kapucijnenstraat 63 rue des Capucins, Brussel/Bruxelles,,

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