The king of Berlin techno comes to Brussels

Ten years ago, Paul Kalkbrenner made his breakthrough with Berlin Calling, a film about a drug addicted techno DJ. 'Sky and Sand' became the anthem of a generation. Growing up in East Berlin, he was twelve when the wall fell and he could engross himself in the rising techno scene in his reunited hometown.

In the wake of his breakthrough, big record labels took notice and he moved towards a more poppy sound, but the mixtape series Back to the Future (2016) signalled a return to his raw, stripped-back beats of the early years. The recent Parts of Life was also inspired by the rise of techno in the Berlin of his youth, and he injects that pumping underground sound with more open, melodious pieces.

PAUL KALKBRENNER 16/2, 20.00, Vorst Nationaal/Forest National

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