Quinn Bachand, the Canadian Django

Thanks to the Djangofolllies Festival, we are reminded every year of how rich, varied, and valuable the legacy of Django Reinhardt really is. One of his disciples is the young Canadian guitar virtuoso Quinn Bachand.

Bachand was only eleven years old when he proved that he knew his way around six strings, and ten years later he is a multi-instrumentalist who masters gypsy jazz, swing, and manouche like no other.

Bachand is by no means a slavish copyist, but deals with Reinhardt’s legacy playfully – check the dreamy smattering of Sixties pop in “Fading Light”. He is coming to Brussels in the company of accordionist Gwen Cresens and contrabassist Ben Faes.

QUINN BACHAND’S BRISHEN 18/1, 12.30, Flagey

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