During the Listen! Festival, you can again relish everything that is going on in the underground of electronica, both at home and abroad. Five alternative acts that are guaranteed to give you electroshocks.

1657 jeff mills tony allen

Tony Allen & Jeff Mills

17/4, 20.15, Flagey

"I don't always want to play the same style, like the artist in the charts. So when Jeff Mills calls, I'm ready." These are the words of the Afrobeat legend Tony Allen, who delves deeper into his rhythm rapport with the techno pioneer from Detroit on the album Tomorrow Comes the Harvest as well as at the opening concert of Listen!

1657 Patricia-Kokett

Patricia Kokett

18/4, 20.00, LaVallée

On Thursday evening, Listen! will head to the canal zone with free showcases at seven locations. We will be hypnotised by the mystical electro of the Lithuanian Gediminas Jakubka, who is making his Belgian stage debut and whose album debut will be released on the intriguing Knekelhuis label in June.

1657 kamaal Williams

Kamaal Williams

19/4, 20.00, Horta Gallery

An infectious mix of fusion jazz and the raw urban London sounds: this is the successful formula that the producer and synth wizard with Taiwanese roots Kamaal Williams has already tried and tested with Yussef Kamaal, and is now also serving under his own funky name. You may also know him as his DJ alias, Henry Wu.

1657 stroom Annelies Monsere-Aponogeton

Annelies Monseré/Aponogeton

19/4, 20.00, Les Brigittines

In addition to Pablo's Eye, the Ostend-based STROOM label is also presenting new work by two promising artists. The ethereal folk of Annelies Monseré moves you on Happiness is Within Sight. The cinematic soundscape of Aponogeton, the alter ego of Jachym Vandenabeele, does so on A Place of Solace.

1657 AMMAR-808
© Sia-Rosenberg

AMMAR 808/Susobrino

20/4, 19.30, Vk*

The rousing collective led by the Tunisian local Sofyann Ben Youssef combines Maghreb traditions with electronica. You will likewise be excited during this Rebel Up!-curated evening of global sounds by Susobrino aka Bart Van Obbergen Pérez who explores his Bolivian heritage through the rhythms of the Amazon.

> LISTEN! FESTIVAL. 17 > 21/4, various venues

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