Thurston Moore previews his triple album at Les Ateliers Claus

1664 thurston moore group new 1664 thurston moore group new

Spirit Counsel, the new record by Thurston Moore, will be released at the end of September. He recorded the triple (!) album at Les Ateliers Claus, the alternative music haven in Saint-Gilles where he has been almost constantly over the past few years.

He is coming back again next week with his Thurston Moore Group, which in addition to My Bloody Valentine bassist Deb Googe and Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley now also features the American experimental musician Jon “Wobbly” Leidecker. Retirement has not crossed the sixty-year-old noise poet’s mind. So much the better, we want more!

THURSTON MOORE GROUP 5 & 6/6, 20.00, Les Ateliers Claus

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