“I love that existential need for a search, to expose oneself to dangerous situations and at the same time to flourish and really discover yourself and the world,” the Turkish choreographer BAHAR TEMIZ says. “I have a deeply rooted desire to let myself end up in impossible situations.” What this says about the inhospitable stage of the KVS BOX, we don't know, but the fact is that that is where Temiz is presenting her new solo.

Temiz, who studied philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris and dance at the ArtEZ Dance Academy in the Netherlands, has previously collaborated with Superamas, Ivana Müller, and Marc Vanrunxt, among others. She is based in Paris and her work has been presented in Europe, Lebanon, and Turkey. In ICE, she combines the myth of Sisyphus – the poor but brave man who was condemned to an eternity of pushing a boulder up a steep mountain because he had challenged the gods –, ideas from the essay collection The Faraway Nearby by the American author Rebecca Solnit, and a fascination with the twentieth-century polar explorers on Antarctica to create a unique performance. She confronts her body with a constantly changing, labyrinthine sculpture made of ropes. The circular stage thus becomes a survival dance, reinforced by a fascinating soundscape by Charo Calvo. Behind the abstract physical language in the completely white ICE universe there is an extended reflection on our vulnerable nature and the question of how our bodies and minds are capable of overcoming the perilous situations in which we find ourselves.

ICE 8 > 10/10, 20.30, KVS BOX

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