The Bulletin radio show on Bruzz: 4 December

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65 years of the International School of Brussels
Recently, the International School of Brussels (ISB) celebrated its 65th anniversary with a weekend reunion that gathered together alumni, teachers past and present and parents and children. Richard Harris spoke with director Lee Fertig and with returning and current members of the school community about what makes the school so special.

Europe in Brussels: Finland
On 6 December, Finland celebrates its national holiday, with 2016 being the 99th anniversary of the country’s independence. Already the Finns are getting ready for major centenary celebrations next year in 2017, including the Finnish expat community that have made Brussels their home. The Bulletin finds out more.

Happy Museum
Art historian Catherine de Duve has published a series of colorful eye-catching books aimed at children aged four to 12 and their families. The art books are each devoted to one artist but are often connected to specific exhibitions, for instance, there is a book on Picasso which is available in tandem with the current Picasso show at Bozar. There are also history books such as a book on the Battle of Waterloo, a history of Belgium, a life of Marie-Antoinette, a book on Science and just out a history of the Kings and Queens of Belgium. Most are available in English.

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