Alain Séchas: It's raining Cats

1608 EXPO sechas majorette
Alain Séchas: Majorette

Alain Séchas is being given his fourth solo exhibition by Albert Baronian. The French artist is best-known in Brussels for La Cycliste, his sculpture of a hot to trot cat lady strutting with a bicycle that was inaugurated in 2005 on the corner of Schildknaapstraat/rue de l’Écuyer and Warmoesberg/rue Montagne aux Herbes Potagères.

Whether you like it or not, the sculpture catches your eye. The same is true of his paintings, which are visually inspired by the cartoonish, colourful, and feathery, and which in his own words aim to “create a direct confrontation” and “dazzle the spectator.”

So don’t worry, it is perfectly normal if you start seeing spots.

> Alain Séchas: Majorette > 14/4, Albert Baronian

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