Alt-J at Vorst Nationaal: brightest stars on the firmament

© Mads Perch
| Alt-J.

The alt-J indie rockers met one another when they were studying English literature and Fine Arts at Leeds University. We were reminded again by the short film accompanying ‘Pleader’, the fourth single off Relaxer. Since their celebrated debut An Awesome Wave was released ten years ago, they have remained the brightest stars on the firmament.

We couldn’t hold back our tears when we watched the epic footage that director Isaiah Seret shot for the song inspired by Richard Llewellyn’s How Green Was My Valley, about a small mining community in Wales.

His heart-rending love story, in which pastoral folk is combined with great emotions, a boys’ choir with the countryside, and tragedy with euphoria, brings the contrasts sharply into focus: either you think this is pompous twaddle or you bought your tickets for the concert at Vorst Nationaal/Forest National ages ago.

Alt-J. 12/1, 20.00, Vorst Nationaal/Forest National,,

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