Gaz Coombes at Botanique: surreal sideburnes

© Steve Keros

Yes, Gaz Coombes will be eternally remembered for the acned Britpop of his band Supergrass and the glorious adolescent feeling of their hit “Alright”. And of course for his impressive sideburns.

Since his rock trio split, however, he has been building his solo career, and he isn’t doing a bad job of it. His debut still found it difficult to leave Supergrass behind, but on the sophomore album Matador he found a new voice and a breath of fresh air.

His new album World’s Strongest Man, due at the beginning of May, tussles with beeps and bleeps, synths, funky falsettos, and krautrock beats. In the new single “Deep Pockets”, Coombes describes this mix as “a surreal night-time car journey.”

Gaz Coombes. 13/4, 19.30, Botanique

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