Giselle at Kinepolis: the dance of love

Svetlana Zakharova as Giselle

When she learns that Albrecht, the love of her life, prefers a noble princess, Giselle, a naive peasant-girl, dies of sorrow.

Touched by the purity of her heart, Myrtha, Queen of the Willis, decides to send her vengeful spirits to make the scoundrel dance himself to death. But Giselle’s soul is still watching over him. 

This rendering features Svetlana Zakharova in the role of Giselle, Sergei Polunin as Albrecht, and Ekaterina Shipulina as Myrtha.

Ballet recorded 2018: Giselle 8/4, Kinepolis

The pinnacle of Romantic ballet, outstanding and luxuriant, Giselle has been performed, almost without interruption, for more than 150 years at the Bolshoi, where this video recording was filmed.

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