Kreatur 2: take this waltz

© Sebastian Bolesch
| Sasha Waltz.

German choreographer Sasha Waltz is among the best in the world, and she is a regular guest at De Munt.

She is collaborating with Dutch visual artist and fashion designer Iris van Herpen, light designers Urs Schönebaum (see also: Marina Abramovic, Robert Wilson, Michael Haneke…), and the multidisciplinary Soundwalk Collective to create the visually stunning work Kreatur.

We’re not just name-dropping for the sake of it. What these names are bringing to the stage with fourteen dancers is utterly exceptional.

> Kreatur 2. > 4/2, 20.00 (4/2, 15.00) De Munt/La Monnaie, Brussels

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