BRUZZ Open Air: DJ ReeDoo at La Guinguette

DJ Ree Doo.

When temperatures rise, we turn up the volume. This summer, BRUZZ DJs will play records across Brussels, each Friday at a different location. It's BRUZZ Open Air: the new after-work concept to beat the heat and keep up with the good vibes. Discover who'll make you dance, week after week. On August 16th, cool down with DJ Ree Doo's fresh vibes at La Guinguette.

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DJ ReeDoo in 5 questions:

  1. First record you ever bought
    'Rockit' by Herbie Hancock.

  2. App on your phone you can’t live without

  3. Dream DJ Location
    Yukunkun club, in Beirut.

  4. Where do you cool down on a hot summer day?
    In my living room.

  5. What do you easily spend too much money on?
    You already know the answer: records!

Who is DJ ReeDoo?

Either behind the deck or in front of a microphone, DJ ReeDoo is the definitive master of groovy sounds and refreshing vibes. Spinning in clubs and festivals all around the world since 1990, he's a veteran of the local Soul, Jazz, World and Electronic scenes. With more than 500 concerts promoted over the years, he is also the instigator of the very funky and soulful show à la FRESH, on Fridays at 8 p.m on BRUZZ Radio, as well as of the über-popular Afro Heat parties: an explosion of African beats, straight out from the 70s.

  • Friday, August 16th: DJ ReeDoo - Forest Park - La Guinguette

BRUZZ Open Air, July 5 > August 23, every Friday, several locations

BRUZZ Open Air

Every Friday from 6 to 9 p.m, a BRUZZ DJ at one of Brussels' apéro locations.

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