Thorsten Blinkmann in Hopstreet

© Thorsten Brinkmann-600

Art can save the world! One spoon of plastic soup and one piece of litter at a time. Thorsten Brinkmann has been setting the right example for a while now.

The Hamburg-based artist browses flea markets and junkyards looking for snippets of discarded life that add a mysterious touch to his sculptural landscapes and still lifes. This results in reflections on body-object relationships, the excesses of capitalist production, and the throwaway society, but also in exceptionally theatrical installations and images that put a smile on the viewer’s face with very simple means, clever playfulness, and lots of humour. And that encourage us all to go out and clean up the planet.

Thorsten Brinkmann: Pinky Blinky > 7/7, Hopstreet Gallery

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