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In Hong Kong, the highest skyscraper in the world is on fire. An American security expert is suspected of sabotage, but he has no time to investigate and clear his name. His wife and children are trapped in the tower.

Only he can save them. But the height of the tower, the inferno, the police, and a battalion of terrorists stand in his way. His artificial leg, a role of duct tape, and his incredible strength come in very handy sometimes.

Does the action colossus Dwayne Johnson intentionally perform in a somewhat Schwarzeneggerian style in the hope of turning this harmless disaster film that tries to tap the Chinese market into a guilty pleasure? I wouldn’t dare to ask him, would you?

The summer heat will help you to turn off your brain, but it doesn’t stop you from feeling pity for the supporting Chinese cast who are purely decorative and for the hundreds of extras who have to pretend to be absolutely astonished by the American hero’s incredible stunts.

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