ON AIR: tweewekelijks op zondagavond

“The last three years, I locked myself up and discovered the world of mixing. Growing up with five older sisters gave me this various power on music from different time ages, within different music genres. As the youngest, I feel like it’s my duty to share my multidisciplinary creations with the world.

I would define my style sunny, funky and authentic, meaning that music is there for us to bring people together, create an enjoyable atmosphere and to be able to feel like you discovered a new side of yourself. Feeling connected with yourself and use music as an asset to express that side of you. That’s the goal.

In the process of achieving that goal, I inspired myself by all-time greatest. I have always been engaged in the world of RnB, Hiphop, Afro, Neosoul, Funk and House. However, my mixes are there to tell people my personal story and view on the world.

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