Jonathan Parmentier aka Turtle Master is a DJ and beatmaker born in Belgium in 1987. He began his hip-hop journey with breaking and graffiti in the late 90’s, inspired by Belgian pioneers Namur Break Sensation and Belgian Zulu Nation.

Vinyl digger with a taste for old school vibes but curious about new sounds, he started creating soundtracks for b-boy battles and dance acts in 2003. Then he quickly switched to music production for MC’s from his hometown and became the first beatmaker in Namur city.

In 2008 he joins Crewstacé Collective with longtime friends and threw parties where rap, dubstep, house and IDM would entertain the crowd in harmony. Crab Boogie followed in 2010 with funky hip-hop parties and a record label under the same name was later launched in 2013.

Through the years he developed his DJ skills and opened shows for renowned artists such as Madlib, Grandmaster Flash, Sugar Hill Gang, DJ Cam, Blockhead, Guts, Busdriver, Kheops (IAM), Shlohmo, 1995… He also went on stage across Europe with MC’s he was producing, performing in places like Le Fuse, Le Botanique, VK, L’Ancienne Belgique, L’Olympia, Dour Festival, Les Ardentes, Le Cabaret Vert…

Always looking for new experiences, Turtle Master is making music and living hip-hop without any limitation… without missing a beat !

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