ON AIR: tweewekelijks op maandagavond

Peter Clinton is not new to the world wide web beatmaking community.

Since 2016, Clinton has released projects on cassette and vinyl on West Coast labels Hot Record Société, he's part of a compilation for Uknowy and did a few releases with Cosmic Pop Records, for whom he's one of the founding fathers. He performs as a DJ or makes impressive live beats set with his MPC and SP-404 at renown festivals such as Couleur Café, Listen Festival Brussels Electronic Marathon, Bruxelles Les Bains. He also takes you to his journey while doing his radio residencies for Tarmac, Bruzz and Pure.

Bringing us lo-fi jazzy beats on top of the most ratchet early 2000's vintage rap acapella. Peter Clinton is back considering that his driver has been busy recently and serving us 00's vintage flow. The Belgian-Congolese beatmaker is also one of the creators of the OG studio in Brussels.

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