So you’d like to send us your new music?

Please take into account the following points of attention.


  • Please don't just send us any type of music. Does your song fit our music profile? Is your music consistent with the songs you hear in our daily programming? If so, bring it on.
  • Send your music in a downloadable form. We prefer wav.-files via platforms such as WeTransfer or Google Drive, for example. No FLAC files or inferior mp3s please.
  • Please be user-friendly. Don't let us search endlessly for the download button amidst artist info or streaming links.
  • Make sure all the basic information is present: artist name, title, label. Preferably no bulky biography please.If you plan to play a concert, showcase or performance in Brussels or if you’re going to shoot a music video or a commercial in the Brussels region, you can always add this to the info.
  • Please be clear if a song is under an embargo. Clearly state from which particular moment/day/hour a track can be added to our playlist.
  • Do not send full albums for the playlist meeting. If you're releasing an album or an EP, make it clear which song you're putting forward for radio airplay.
  • We prefer to receive your music in the week of release. If you send a song too early it can get lost in the deluge of new songs. Unless you want to offer a track exclusively: then it's best to mention that.
  • Given the enormous amount of releases every week, we can't possibly answer every artist personally. If your song is added to the playlist, you will receive our latest rotation schedule on Friday afternoon.

Thank you so much.

And good luck!

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