BRUZZ International is a weekly show in English that airs every Sunday as of 6 pm on BRUZZ. We take a look at what's happening in the city keeping the international community in mind.

De leukste nieuwe bars en restaurantjes, portretten van internationale Brusselaars of spraakmakende reportages voor en door expats ontdek je elke week in BRUZZ International.

Elke zondag vanaf 18u op BRUZZ tv. Heruitzending op vrijdag.

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Country specials

Once a month, BRUZZ International zooms in on a foreign community in Brussels. How has the British community digested Brexit? How do the Hungarians live, work and experience culture in Brussels? What can Belgium and Denmark learn from each other? Check out our country specials through the map below.

Meet the team

Méabh Mc Mahon

Brought up in Ireland, Méabh Mc Mahon lived in Germany and Spain before settling in Brussels.

When not out 'n' about for BRUZZ International, she can be found reporting from the EU quarter or taking long walks around the city in her quest to uncover quirky new spots.

Stefano Lapasini

Half Italian, half Dutch, Stefano Lapasini moved to Brussels in the year 2000.

As producer of the show since 2004, he now knows the city and its people like the back of his hand. But he is hungry to discover more. Along with the team, Stefano is always looking out for new hidden spots in the city to share with fellow BRUZZelairs.

Anja Strelec

Born and raised in Croatia, Anja always loved visual arts. After studying and working in France and Argentina, she settled in Brussels 3 years ago.

She believes the city is unpredictable, eclectic and kaleidoscopic, something that makes it so unique artistically. Today she works as a documentary filmmaker, photographer and videographer using audiovisual language to support and develop different artistic, cultural, social, educational and media projects.

Jose Huedo

Originally from Spain, Jose Huedo moved to Brussels back in 2013 and maintains that as soon as you love Brussels, Brussels will love you back.

He studied Industrial Design Engineering and Film and now works as a cinematographer and assistant director for a range of film projects and social documentaries here in Brussels and beyond.

Camilla Lamberti

Born and raised in Veneto, Italy, Camilla landed in Brussels in 2013. She loves it here and feels very inspired by the myriads of interesting stories and hidden gems that Brussels cherishes. Whenever possible she travels through rich varieties of tastes and flavours from all around the world. It is perhaps also for this reason that she constantly puts new ingredients in her life. She works as producer and videomaker for an audiovisual production company. At BRUZZ International she works as a coordinator of the show and she loves being part of this unique team.

Jin Dubois

Although he was born in Seoul, Jin Dubois now considers himself a true Brusselair.

What he loves about his work with BRUZZ International is the constant contact with different segments of the Brussels community. He sees Brussels as a kind of 'experiment' of how the future global society will look like.

Michael Chia

Michael was born in the city island of Singapore and moved to ‘sunny’ Belgium in the late 80s. He currently resides in the beautiful city of Brussels which he now calls home and himself a 'ketje'. He works as a photographer and videographer covering European policies and corporate work. He loves travelling. Other than his photography passion, he practises karate, tries to meditate and is guilty of being a yoga addict!. His main language is English and he can get by in 4 other languages (French, Dutch, Mandarin & Bahasa Indonesia).

Watch BRUZZ International

BRUZZ International is a weekly show that airs every Sunday on BRUZZ.

  • With subtitles in Dutch, French and English
  • Sunday as of 6 pm
  • Re-broadcast on Friday
  • 24 hour loop


If you have an idea or if you would like to feature on BRUZZ International, reach out to us.

We are a small, multi-tasking team that would love to hear from you! 

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